Being positive can be a challenge when your student doesn’t put forth his best effort.

Especially when it becomes a regular occurrence. However, as a tutor, it’s your job to figure out how to motivate your student. Remember the old adage “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?” Being positive during your tutoring sessions is life giving.


Tutoring one-on-one provides a unique opportunity to be able to speak positive affirmations into your student’s life.

As you cheer them on, and show them that you believe in them, they begin to believe in themselves. The more you tutor a student, the better you get to know them and you want to help your students to overcome habits and difficulties that are stumbling blocks to their progress in your subject.


Sometimes when frustration begins to permeate the environment, a quick break is an order.

Often, jumping jacks or push ups (all in fun) will also work to break the mood. Take a deep breath and recalibrate. A good tutor knows when to lecture and when to encourage.  Be discerning and always leave your tutoring sessions on a positive note.

Encourage your students when you see progress and character that spurs on his advancement. Be sure to relay to the parents when you say positive strides forward. Remember that your role really is one of a coach.


You’re teaching the basics, the skills, the mechanics necessary for your student to be able to succeed but you’re also cheerleading for them.

This one simple step will help you bond with your student and more importantly – help your student to see that you are on their side.  Your students will get excited when they understand that you believe in them!

Be sure to vocalize when you see positive strides.


             Grab your pom-poms!!!            Everyone likes to be cheered on!