It’s a good idea to be flexible for your clients as much as possible – within reason.

As your schedule fills, obviously, this will be more difficult. But if you have the opportunity to be flexible and your client ask you to reschedule this is a good idea. As long as it’s not interrupting your life, causing you to speed to the next appointment, or becoming a habit, etc.


However, if you find yourself rescheduling too much, this big can become a nuisance & set a pattern with your client.

If you are too flexible your client may become a bit too comfortable rescheduling.  When schedules change again and again this can inhibit your ability to properly book your work schedule as well as make it difficult to be available for other things you might want to fill that time with. Be careful to not let a pattern start in which your client is expecting you to accommodate repetitive scheduling changes.


However, life isn’t predictable and it’s important to understand our clients predicaments.

Kids get sick. Tires go flat. Parents forget their children’s schedules.  Be discerning on how to handle these faux paus.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Often tutors have a 12 or 24 hour cancellation fee.  Most parents respect that and will not hesitate to pay you in these instances.  However, it makes quite a statement, when you choose not to bill when your parent cancels at the last minute for a good reason.  This is your call.  However, as a tutor, you will one day need your client to understand your need to reschedule.

Keep in mind too… One of the benefits of tutoring is the flexibility. For you. So on those days that you want to reschedule (or take a vacation)  it won’t be so difficult to present your time shift –  if you have been accommodating to them.