We can experience a multitude of things that can cause us to be frustrated as tutors 

Bad attitudes, delays, disappointments, interruptions – and that’s even before we sit down with the student!

Patience is the ability to stay composed and show restraint when faced with something that can cause irritation or frustration. It is steady perseverance.

Patience is a choice.

A person who chooses to stay calm when facing frustration experiences emotional freedom. This is a great benefit for as a tutor.

For your students and their parents, the gift of your patience is invaluable! 

Choose to stay calm when your student needs multiple exposures to a concept in order to get it.

Show them that it’s okay to work through something difficult until they understand. This is opposite of much of the instant gratification they experience other areas of their life. Learning something new can often take time and effort. Show them mastery is worth delayed success.

Some of the best things in life take time.

Patience is the way to get there.