So you want to tutor. The next step is to decide what subjects you should tutor in.

One way to find out is to remember what your favorite subject was while in school.

For most of us, that one area is what we should be tutoring.

There is a saying, “Do what you love.” We say “Do what you’re passionate about.” Tutoring often requires you to do research and study. What better than do do that in an area you enjoy! No matter what subject or subjects you choose, there will be work involved. So why not focus on areas that energize you?!

For some it will be teaching literature. Others, writing or science. For me it is math. I’ve always enjoyed solving math equations and even word problems. They are like puzzles that have only one answer, and I’m determined to find it. That is how I approach math with my students as well – that all coursework is just puzzles that need solutions. We just need to use the right strategy and sometimes different approaches will work.

Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

When you are excited about a subject it is more likely your student will be as well.

Below are the most common areas where tutors are needed, and each of these have subtopics that you can specialize in. For example, I tutor math and my specialty is Algebra.






Foreign Languages








Pick one to start with and dive right in to do some review.

If you are a little rusty get a textbook and work through it. Because it is a subject you enjoy, you will find many of the concepts are familiar, and you won’t mind the those that are new.