This is the first post in our series, How Do I Advertise My Tutoring Business??

There are several online platforms in which you can advertise your tutoring business. Don’t overlook the easiest ways to attract clients and let the world know that you are tutoring – Create a business page on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter.

However, the first step before you begin promoting your tutoring, is to create an engaging and professional bio that can be used to promote your tutoring services.

Your bio will introduce the world to a one-of-a-kind tutor…..YOU!

What distinguishes you from others?

What are your gifts and talents that help make you a good tutor?

What subjects do you love?

What is your teaching style?

Consider what you will say and how a potential client will receive your information. A strong profile will not only introduce you to a potential client, if it is done well…it will do most of the selling too!  Take some time to create a strong profile that sells YOU.  When a  client calls, you won’t have to work so hard on the “sell.”

Here are some guidelines to create a bio that attracts clients:

  • Write in third person
  • Be confident when listing your achievements – don’t be shy and unnecessarily humble – this is where you receive your credibility. Make believe Mom is talking to your client about you!
  • Include education, credentials, professional associations, awards and notable achievements
  • Add a personal touch (hobby, family info, etc.) allowing clients to see who you are
  • Tell your readers what inspires you to tutor (i.e., Have you always loved spurring others on? Do you love math and are sure everyone should too?) Put some heart into your profile – when we share a bit of ourselves, others are interested and engaged.
  • End strong with a closing statement


Remember, you are promoting yourself. You have something unique to offer.  Let them see it.

Read through several bios in the same industry.  Check out tutors on WyzAnt and SuperProf to see how others promote themselves.

After you write your bio, let it rest a while.  Walk away and come back to it with fresh eyes to polish it.  Writing in stages allows you to see your bio with more objectivity.  Ask a friend or colleague, who knows you well, to proof read it and make any suggestions they think will be helpful.

When your profile shows that you believe in yourself and are confident, others will notice and be drawn to choose you as their tutor.