This is the second post in our series “How Do I Advertise my Tutoring Business?”


One of the first steps you need to take to get your tutoring business up and running is to create a profile and a bio which sums up your skills and expertise as well as the subject area you tutor.  If you missed our post on how to create a strong and compelling profile to advertise your tutoring business you can read it here.

Next, you need to post your profile for others to see.

With the internet, your options are virtually unlimited as to where to advertise your tutoring services but you won’t want to include your entire profile in every form of advertising – it’s just too lengthy.  So where do you use your profile/bio?

A bio/profile is used when you highlight YOU versus your services.

One nice feature about online advertising is that you are always attracting customers 24/7.

Where to post your profile:

Don’t be afraid to post your profile on several sites.  These sites are all free to promote your services.  Keep in mind that several do charge if you book a tutoring job – but…. when you first start out you may want to price your services a little lower to attract clients.

Take time on each site to perfect your bio and how you are presenting yourself in regards to the clients that visit the webpage.  Check out the competition and the highest rated tutors. Make sure that your photo is friendly yet not too casual. Be sure to be consistent throughout the sites.

Starting your own website adds credibility to your business.

You can simply create a website using WordPress, Wix and others.  Don’t complicate your website to the point that you won’t complete it.  If you need help, YouTube has tutorials for each step of the way – or you can hire a web designer.  Check out Fiverr for affordable help if you run into a glitch.

We want to help you get your business up and running! We’re sure you’ll love tutoring as much as we do and want to help you succeed.

A final thought: When you post your profile – remember that you are letting people know how much you enjoy helping others!