Tutoring is a great job in which you can earn extra money or make your tutoring business a full time venture.  The rewards of tutoring go beyond the paycheck.  In order to grow your client base you need to set up  your business.  And though the thought of advertising your tutoring service may intimidate you – it’s not that difficult and can actually be fun!

Here are some ideas:

Create a Name for your tutoring business –

Your tutoring business can have a simple name like Tom’s Tutoring or Tutoring for Success – We strongly encourage you to let your customer know what you do in the name of your business.  For instance, Math Minds is a cute name but it doesn’t let the consumer know that you tutor math.

Create a Logo –

You want build recognition among the people that run across you.  Whether on social media, a blog, or your business card, if potential customers see your logo enough, you gain credibility.  You can use Canva to create a free logo or even Fiverr to hire someone to design one for you at a reasonable price.

Start a website –

Your website doesn’t have to be fancy. Consider that a well-done one page website is smarter than a  unprofessional site.  Make your website clean and informative and be sure to tell your story.  Who are you? Why do you tutor? What do you tutor? People want to get to know you! You can use wordpress or many other free website builders.  Check YouTube for tutorials to make this as painless as possible or hire someone on Fiverr – (be sure they speak your language (native) because the language barrier is problematic when hiring someone to create a project and they don’t understand your detailed requests, etc.)

Engage on Social Media –

Start a business page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Post valuable information to these sites and become part of a community.

Create Videos –

This is a quick way to gain brand recognition digitally. Post your videos to various platforms.  Make your videos short and informative – above all be friendly.

The best advice we can give you is to build connections with others. Using the internet to do this can be fun! Be genuine in using your gifts and desire to tutor to help others. When people see that you are authentic, they will trust you and want to support your business.

Give more than you take… and build a community around you that you can genuinely help.