So you’re ready to grow your tutoring business but you’re not sure how to do it. We have several suggestions and ideas that have worked for us.

Firstly you want to be sure not to expand your business too quickly. Once you’re confident in your tutoring abilities, and you have the time to expand, then go for it!  If you turn it way too many clients because you’re either not qualified, or not available, your chance of expanding decreases. People need to see you as a resource and an expert.

So much of growing a tutoring business relies on your reputation. Hence, what is worked best for us is referrals.

Here are some ideas on how to get referrals:

-Ask the students that you tutor if they might know someone who needs tutoring. Ask them to tell their friends that you are available.

-Ask your clients – the parents of your students if they know of anyone that may need tutoring for their children and if they would keep you in mind when they hear of a need.

-Send out an email asking previous clients for testimonials. When asking for a testimonial, it sparks a reminder in your clients mind that you are a great tutor. This one technique has provided several new clients through referrals after we asked for testimonials.

-Create or join a network of tutors. You can do this through MeetUps or Facebook groups. Find out other tutors expertise and let them know of yours. Be generous in your referrals to them and they will return the favor.
– Create fliers and place them strategically in areas where students frequent. The library,  coffee shops, grocery stores, bookstores, schools,etc.

Another tip on how to grow your client base is to start a Facebook business page for your tutoring service and post frequently.

Offer tips and strategies for students to improve in the area that you tutor.  For instance if you tutor math and know of a great app to increase math facts, share it on your page.  If you know a studying strategy, post it.  Be a resource for your current clients and potential clients that may land on your page.  Invite all your friends to Like your page and share frequently so they don’t forget that you are the expert tutor they are comfortable referring.

Have you heard of the NextDoor App? You can post an ad to neighbors in your vicinity to let them know there is a tutor close by that can help.

Always offer your first session free.

This gives client incentive to meet you without the obligation of committing to using you before they’ve had a chance to get to know you.  It’s a great selling feature and that first meeting is one you can use to vet your new student as well!


Growing your tutoring business can seem overwhelming; take it one step at a time and don’t give up.  Tutoring is a booming business and students need what you have!