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Hi! We’re Karen & Char! 

You might be surprised to know that we are two “homeschool” moms who have built successful tutoring businesses.

We love tutoring so much that we want others to enjoy the benefits of a job that will help the next generation and make you a great income!

Seriously, what job is this flexible, you name your own price, and gives your life a great purpose?

Over the years as our friendship and personal tutoring businesses have grown, so has our desire to help others.   

Gateway to Tutoring was created from a place of gratitude – that we have found this amazing industry/job in which we can make a great living and help others.  

It’s truly a WIN-WIN!! Some days we just sit in amazement of the blessings we have been given!

 Who is Karen?

 Karen Hunter, began tutoring as her youngest child approached high school age. Having a background in teaching, and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, she began teaching formal classes for homeschoolers and eventually took on individual math students. As an experienced classroom teacher and homeschool mom, Karen recognized that she loved teaching and mentoring children! Tutoring was a natural transition. As her vision grew for her tutoring business, she expanded her classes to include SAT/ACT prep and her student base grew!

Who is Char?

 Char Geletka began tutoring after she found her nest “empty.”  Having homeschooled her children through  high school years, she knew she loved teaching, creating lesson plans, and inspiring children!   When asked if she would consider tutoring, her response was, “Hello?! You’re asking me if I would do what I LOVE (teach) and have done for years for FREE…and get paid for it???? Yes!” She began tutoring a small group of students full time and loved it! This spurred her on to pursue a Masters of Education and begin a Learning Center with a client.  Her passion is to build confidence in her students and encourage them to enjoy learning – not just pass the test and earn a grade. She takes on difficult learning situations and helps her students see that they are capabe and able to learn and ultimately succeed.

Together we formed Gateway to Tutoring to help others have what we now enjoy.  

We know… if we can build successful tutoring businesses you can too!

Sincerely, we’d love to help you.  We’ve written a simple book, “Gateway To Tutoring; Start Tutoring Tomorrow,” to show you that you can tutor.  There are simple steps to starting your tutoring business.

Also, we’ve created an online course, “Let’s Start Your Tutoring Business,” to help you with some of the fine tuning of starting your tutoring business. We are making simple videos to provide tips as well as answer some of your questions about tutoring.

Admittedly, our material isn’t fancy or polished, but we’re improving our material daily and willing to put ourselves out there. We hope that you’ll discover with us while we learn this process, because we consider it our mission – and we put our heart and soul into helping you!

We do all this because we’re earnest about helping:

  • The teacher that wants to supplement their income,
  • The young person that wants to start a career but doesn’t know what to do,
  • The middle aged man or woman that needs a little extra income and the empty nester that needs a purpose.

To reflect our sincerity, we have made everything affordable.  Because we truly want you to experience the freedom and joy we have in our lives.  We work hard but we love it!!!!! Tutoring is a rewarding job.

 If you’re considering tutoring, but unsure, take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation.  What have you got to lose?! No regrets…. 🙂

We are in the business of changing lives! We love this business and we’re sure you will too!



Our Philosophy

We believe in a personal approach!

As tutors, mothers and business women, relationship comes first!

Whether in tutoring, training or coaching – we are always focusing on building a supportive and encouraging relationship with our clients.  We are in this for the long-haul!

Your success is our success.


Our Values & Beliefs

We Believe in Helping Others

Helping others is what makes life meaningful.

We love helping through training, coaching and tutoring. 

We Believe Everyone Has Skills and Knowledge to Share

Everyone has a knowledge base that they can share with others.

Everyone has unique gifts and talents that you can use to inspire others

We Believe in You!

Whether you need tutoring, want to start a business or want to grow your tutoring business

we believe you can succeed!

We are passionate about your success and that’s what drives us to help you!

Work with Us!