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Let’s Start Your Tutoring Business

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We teach tutors how to grow your business and increase your income!

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Let’s Start Your Tutoring Business 

by Gateway to Tutoring


We help you understand what you need to do to grow your  tutoring business.

• 4 Key Modules to Setup and Build Your Business.

• Tips to Market Your Tutoring Services

• Strategies to Determine Which Subjects to Tutor

• Your business will grow!

Module One

Let's Talk About the Basics

•Why Tutor?

• Skills That Will Make You a Successful Tutor

(and more…)

Module Two

Let's Start Your Tutoring Business

• What Subjects Should You Tutor?

• What You Need to Know

• Marketing Strategies

• Pricing

• Business Models 

Module Three

Let's Get Up & Running

• How to Handle Clients

• Your First Meeting

• How to Prepare for Tutoring

• Tutoring Tools

• Where Should You Tutor?

• Information to Gather

Module Four

Let's Tutor

• What a Session Looks Like

• Tips for Your Tutoring Sessions

• Understanding Your Student’s                             Learning Styles

• Connecting with Your Student’s School

• Importance of Communication

• Practical Tips for Your Time Together

WE make tutoring easy!
Life is complicated  –

we keep it simple!

4 Simple Modules w/ printable worksheets

w/ printable worksheets

JUST $69.99!

We can help you build your profitable tutoring business!