A simple manual that helps you start your tutoring


Want to help others and build a business by making a difference?

This book will jumpstart you into a rewarding career.

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“This book is perfect for anyone who wants to start a tutoring business.”

-Kathleen J.

Table of Contents:

Let’s Talk About the Basics


About Us

So, Why Tutor?

Skills That Will Make You Successful

Let’s Get Started

Business Models

Tutor What You’re Passionate About

Identifying Subjects to Tutor

Be A Step Ahead

Get Familiar with Common Core

Keeping Records




Let’s Get Up & Running!

Your First Point of Contact

Information to Gather

What to Wear

Your First Meeting

Learning Environment

Tools – Pack Your Bag

Let’s Tutor

What a Tutoring Session Looks Like

Understanding Learning Styles

The Visual Learner

The Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner

The Auditory Learner

Keeping Communication Open with Parents

Connecting with the Student’s School

Practical Tips for Your Time Together

Going the Extra Mile

Gaps in Your Students’ Knowledge


Resources for Tutors


“As you read through this manual to help you start your tutoring business, you’ll see: We LOVE what we do! Tutoring is an engaging and inspiring business that you can begin slowly or jump in with both feet.”

“Your job is to transform your student into a confident and successful student. Don’t forget the goal!”

With a good strong working relationship, in which your student knows you have their back and believe in them – you’ve got the moon!

We make tutoring easy!

Life is complicated  –

We Keep it SIMPLE!