Resources & Recommendations

Below are books, tutoring tools & websites that  have been great resources for us to become effective tutors.

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We’d never recommend something we wouldn’t use!

Enjoy these amazing resources!


Gateway To Tutoring – Start Tutoring Tomorrow!

Do you have a dream of being a successful entrepreneur? In the U.S. tutoring is a $7 billion industry. This book will show you how to start a full-time or part-time tutoring business right away. It covers topics such as identifying subjects to teach, marketing, learning styles, records, insurance, and much more. Written by Char Geletka and Karen Hunter, they show you how you can teach and encourage students in fun and practical ways while making a great income.

An easy read with practical application.


The Way They Learn

Do you struggle with how to best teach your students? Do you sometimes hit a wall trying to keep your student’s attention? Cynthia Tobias introduces the theory of students “learning styles.” She identifies unique ways students learn best according to their learning style. 

An easy read which will help set you apart as a tutor as you understand your students better.

Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

The book begins with the story of an executive who starts to say “no” to all the requests he received each day that he did not find truly important. As a result, his productivity  and quality of work increased, his work became fulfilling again, and he received a large bonus. The author writes, “Essentialism is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done.”

Principles that can be applied to all areas of your life, this book is highly recommended!


How to Excel at Math & Science

A companion to the popular online course “Learning How to Learn.” It covers topics such as: how the brain remembers and works out problems, how to overcome procrastination, and how to learn material you once thought was too difficult to understand.

A great resource!



A classic which has helped many students become readers!

The author begins by discussing the benefits and importance of reading aloud and quotes case-studies to prove his point.

The author includes a list of recommended books for various reading levels.





This is a wonderful resource to recommend to your clients.

The authors help you identify the ways in which children feel most loved. If your clients are having a tough time with their children this is a must read! Great for every parent.

We recommend it to our clients regularly..


Having a good planner is essential when running a tutoring business.

The Blue Sky planner fits the bill for the academic school year. The monthly calendar view per two-page spread offers a visual overview of your time. Weekly calendar view per two-page spread contains space for daily schedule, to-do list and notes section. Several cover designs to choose from. 


A personal favorite! Customize your own planner. These planners allow you to add pages throughout that customize your book!  We add notepaper (see below) to make our planners a dual purpose book!  The pages have room for notes with calendar view and weekly view with space for daily plans. 

A great planner for tutors! 

  • Happy Planner 12-Month Dated Medium Planner 7.75″X9.75″-Watercolor Rainbow; Jan-Dec 2019


    40 pages of note paper.

    This transforms the Happy Planner (above) into a notebook as well as a planner.  Can add other accessory pages as well.  (Expenses, Goals, Exercise plans and more!) We love these!  

    • For use with Create 365 The Happy Planner, Each paper measures 7x9-Inch
    • Includes 20 sheets of lined paper and 20 sheets of graph paper for your planner
    • Pre-punched to fit The Happy Planner

    A great planner for tutors! 



      Clipboards are a must for Tutors and students alike!!

      Emraw solid Paperboard clipboards pack includes 6 standard size bright colored polka dot patterned clipboard with low profile clip. Set contains one hardboard of each color from Canary Yellow, Dark Black, Bud Green, Hot Pink, Sky Blue and White

      This six pack is perfect for sharing with students! They’ll think you’re the best tutor ever!

      Star Right flashcards are 3″ x 6″ and are easy to hold and sort. High quality flashcards that come with 2 rings – one for those equations that need work and those that have been mastered. Answers are on the back. Also available are subtraction and multiplication cards.

      Texas Instruments(R) TI-30X Solar Scientific Calculator. Affordable and solar powered, this Texas Instruments calculator has everything you need for basic, scientific, and trigonometry functions. Can be used for Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and General Science. (Also great for bookkeeping!)

      Part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, there are many great articles on here regarding different aspects of education that can be applied to tutoring.

      Find out what your state is doing in regards to public school standards here.

      A place to find students to tutor. Also, a great way to evaluate your skills by taking their online tests. Lastly, this site will give you an idea of what prices are being charged in your area for different subjects and grade levels.

      A great online graphic tool to make business cards, flyers, forms, and related graphics for your business.