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Do You Need Confidence?
We excel at discovering your strengths and capitalizing on them to build confidence. By identifying our student’s learning styles we are able to help our students understand the best study methods and strategies to lead them to success.

Are You Overwhelmed with School?
School can be overwhelming. We can help by breaking down the mechanics of an assignment and organize the process to complete the work. 

Is Reading A Challenge?
Reading comprehension is a common struggle with many students.  We help students make connections, visualize the content, and retell the story as we tutor reading.  These simple strategies and more will help readers to easily tackle what may seem overwhelming.  Enjoying reading time is paramount to success! We get our students excited about what they’re reading!

Do You Want Your Student To Enjoy Learning?
Let’s face it – when our students enjoy what they’re doing, they’re much more likely to be successful.  We focus on taking the “overwhelmed” feeling away from them. How? By getting excited about their achievements and joining them in the learning process.  We assure our students that we are on their side and supportive of their capabilities.

Could Your Grades Use a Boost?
No tutor can guarantee grade improvement.  BUT…working one-on-one with a tutor,  (especially one that’s excited about teaching and learning) naturally sets your students up for less stress in the academic realm. We focus on our student’s understanding of the subjects, the enjoyment of the process of completing assignments, and we encourage them as they make progress towards their goals.  We are invested in our students and we consider ourselves successful when our students are successful!

We Focus On:

Building Confidence

Improving Grades

Instilling a Love of Learning


Executive Functioning Skills


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Personalized Tutoring

Focus on Learning Styles

Online Tutoring

One-on-One Tutoring in South Florida


SSAT, SAT, ACT Test Prep

College Admission Essay Help

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